As you may have spotted the VegPower campaign, which is drew to a close just before Easter 2019, had 10 vegetables of the week and families across the county have been eating them to defeat them for weeks.  Following a brilliant idea by Richard from the Leadgate Taskforce we’ve put together packs of some seeds from all those veg of the week which will be distributed through Edible Gilesgate, the Leadgate Taskforce itself and were available to gardens involved in The Big Dig event on 27 April 2019. They have also been distributed by The Auckland Project at their most recent Incredible Edible event and will be available from Fire & Dough’s pizza truck at the Food Truck Friday at Aykley Heads in Durham on Friday 7 June 2019.

To help with the growing of these ten vegetables, the Growing Durham team have put together a set of growing notes which are now on the Food Durham website.  The notes are a start point and if you want more information you can find lots of it on the internet (the RHS website is an excellent and authoritative source of information), or you can ask specific questions through the Growing Durham Facebook page or by contacting Hannah or Peter of the Growing Durham team.

The vegetables included in the packs are: carrots (variety Katrin), peas (variety Onward), butternut squash (variety Walnut F1), cauliflower (variety Snow Prince), broccoli (also known as calabrese, variety Green Magic F1), pepper (variety Californian Wonder), tomato (variety Outdoor Girl), cucumber (variety Perfection), cabbage (variety Cape Horn F1) and sweetcorn (variety Swift F1). They were sourced from Kings Seeds and the packets were put together with help from volunteers from Durham University, from Durham Community Action, and Pip from the Leadgate Taskforce.

Peter said: “We hope that lots of people will feel inspired to have a go at growing some of their own veg.  There are few things better than eating peas straight out of the pod or picking sweetcorn and getting it steamed and eaten in a matter of minutes.

The growing notes are available via this link: Veg of the Week Growing Notes.