Durham Community Action and the DCC Low Carbon Team will be working together with consultants  District Eating over the summer to explore whether there is a way in which the warm water that is being pumped out of the former coal mines in Horden in East Durham can be used to support food production.   

The project will engage with a range of stakeholders to identify opportunities that reflect the needs and aspirations of the local community. 

 The broad aim of the project would be to reduce carbon emissions through the efficient production of food, either in a commercial or a community-run capacity. The County Council is committed to exploring how waste heat from mine water can best be put to good use and the County Durham Food Strategy encourages more food growing in the county, so the combination could potentially be a winner.  

 Involving the local communities in the area is a crucial part of the work and DCA staff are looking to make contact with range of partners to help steer this feasibility study to a fruitful conclusion. If you’d be interested in being involved you can contact Hannah or Peter at Food Durham.