In March this year a new initiative started to support Primary Schools and Nurseries across County Durham with growing activities. The School Seed Bank is supplying free seeds, advice and support to schools and nurseries that want to start veg growing or enhance their green space and it’s all free thanks to donations from supportive individuals and local businesses like Beveridges Flower Shop

The School Seed Bank is the brainchild of Pip Moreton, a school cook based in the north of the County. Pip has a passion for good fresh food and has already changed the lives of many school children, finding creative and fun ways to get them excited about vegetables they can grow and eat, as well as providing food for pollinating insects.

With support from Durham Community Action, the School Seed Bank is in the process of setting up as a small charity.  At the time of writing they’ve supported 38 schools and 6 nuseries with seeds, pots, tools and books – amazing!

The School Seed Bank is on Facebook and on Twitter and you can contact them on .