Early in lockdown 2020, local dairy farmer Andrew Brass got in touch to find out more about selling milk direct to the public via vending machines.   With a bit of encouragement from us, and a lot of hard work from Andrew, County Durham’s first on-farm milk vending machine operation launched early in 2021 at Ox Close Farm near Shadforth, selling high quality non-homogenised milk in reusable glass bottles.  The addition of milkshakes proved very popular with customers queuing for up to an hour at weekends.   

As well as giving small-scale farmers more control of their business, selling direct to the public can reduce carbon emissions and help build understanding and emotional connections to where our food comes from, so we hope it goes from strength to strength and inspires others to find innovative ways to sell food locally.  Find them on Facebook @oxclosefarm or email oxclosefarmmilk@gmail.com