A new group called ‘Save a Seed’ has been set up in the county to encourage more people to save seed from their plants, share them with others and to create a bank of seeds suitable for our delightful NE Climate.  The group is planning an event in late summer 2021 and has created a monthly newsletter which will help subscribers with learning how to save, collect and store seeds.  You can sign up for the  newsletter here 

Around the world, seed diversity is threatened and yet it is critical for a secure and resilient food system that serves both people and planet. Globally we continue to lose seed diversity and there is an ongoing centralisation of seed supply in the hands of large transnational companies.  However, with an increasingly volatile climate, it is getting even more important that we have access to diverse genetic resources and seeds (and thus plants) that can cope with tough conditions.  Seeds adapted to local circumstances, often know as landraces, also contribute significantly to biodiversity. 

If you’re interested in getting an idea of what to expect in the Save a Seed newsletters you can watch their first video here.