Durham County Council’s Fun & Food programme of Holiday Activities with Healthy Food will receive over £3.3m of DfE funding to support activities that support families during the school holidays and help meet the need for additional food during these times.  Because school holidays can be pressure points for some families, some children are more likely to experience ‘unhealthy holidays’ in terms of nutrition and physical health, loss of learning and not everyone is able to access fun activities.  

As a Fun and Food provider over the last year, Harehope Quarry has provided a combination of food and activities for six holiday projects within the Weardale AAP area.  The food element has ranged from store cupboard essentials and locally-sourced fresh vegetables to food and growing activities for primary-aged children to simple, healthy recipes for young people.  Links have been provided to encourage healthy eating and to inspire children and young people to explore their own recipes with the food provided.  Other activities have included arts and crafts, practical projects and a focus on a wide range of outdoor activities.  The outdoor activities aimed to encourage the sensory exploration of the local environment available on the doorstep in Weardale to promote outdoor exercise and wellbeing, and create a connection with nature.