As we reported in our last newsletter in July, a partnership made up of DCC’s Low Carbon Team, community representatives of the local community in Horden, the East Durham Trust and East Durham Business Services have been exploring ways in which the warm minewater that is being pumped out of the mines at Horden could be used to grow food. .

With the help of consultancy District Eating Ltd. the group has discovered that there is likely to be about 1.36 MW of energy available and that the Coal Authority is willing to explore the idea.  This energy could be used for a variety things including heating just over a hectare (about 2.5 acres) of glasshouses, which in turn could provide training, jobs and food.

However, it’s also become clear that there are multiple ideas for the area of land immediately surrounding the pumping station. Determining how that land is best used to benefit the local community and economy will need to be included in the next phase of the discussions.