How you can be part of Growing Durham

Ways to get involved in Growing Durham

There are lots of ways you can grow some of your own food and become part of the Growing Durham world.

There are few things better than spending time in a  garden and harvesting (and eating!) some produce you’ve grown yourself. Just imagine harvesting strawberries warmed by the sun and biting into a freshly pulled carrot. You might even find that you make new friends and learn lots of new skills.

Here’s what you can do…

Volunteer in a community garden

where additional help is always welcome and where you can learn lots of things from others. You could even start one in your own community! If you want to find your nearest community growing space, send us an email and we’ll see if we can help.

Get an allotment

by contacting the allotment team on the Durham County Council website. There is a good map on the website which tells you where the allotments are.

Start a community orchard

on a bit of spare ground in your community. Small orchards require very little work and it is surprising how much fruit you could harvest.

Start growing food at home

in a pot on your window sill, a window box or a small raised bed in your garden. You could also plant some fruit bushes or a small apple tree.