Growing Durham



How we eat. How we shop. How food is packaged. And how it is produced.

The choices we make matter. They matter because they affect our environment, landscape, greenhouse gas emissions, animal health and welfare, farm workers’ welfare and perhaps, most importantly, our own health and wellbeing.

At Food Durham everything we do comes back to the choices we make. And to that end our mission is simple:

“To create a food system that is healthier, greener and fairer, where every household has access to ‘good food’ – food that is safe, nutritious, of good quality and environmentally sustainable.”

Food Durham  is very much a team effort: anyone with an interest in food has a part to play whether that is through creating a community veg garden or developing a sustainable local food procurement policy for a big organisation. Food Durham, the County Durham Food Partnership is a member of the Sustainable Food Places network, and has a Sustainable Food Places Bronze Award which recognises the good work done by lots of partners. 

The coordinator team is hosted by OASES and is responsible for the overall coordination as well as for the Growing Durham project.  Growing Durham encourages people to grow their own food in whatever setting.  The Durham Food Hub which closed in 2019, was created to support and champion independent food producers from across County Durham, giving them platforms to get their products to market.

If food is your thing, get in touch and see how we can help you.


The Community Food and Growing Network

Durham Community Action facilitates the Community Food and Growing Network.  This network brings together like-minded organisations with projects or an interest related to growing and food.  It enables community groups and organisations from all sectors with similar...

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