Food Durham was delighted to find out that our VegCities campaign during the pandemic was shortlisted for one of the Peas Please Prizes 2021.

 The nomination in the VegCities category was a recognition of the hard work of our partners like the Auckland project and the County Council’s family centres which worked really hard in very difficult circumstances to give people access to fresh veg and to engage families in activities around growing and eating veg. 

 Food Durham’s VegCities campaign will continue to encourage everyone across the county to eat, grow, sell and cook more veg.  Most adults and children in County Durham and in the UK are not eating their 5-a-day (3.5 of which are meant to be veg) so there’s work to do.  Getting creative with how we prepare veg, and perhaps replacing some meat with veg for some meals, can help increase you veg intake which is good for you and good for the planet. There is also scope for restaurants being involved by offering veg-based meals and reducing veg waste.  

 With 2021 being the UN International Year of Fruit and Veg and with COP26 taking place in Glasgow this November, we have a real opportunity to make some important changes to our diets and the way we eat. If you want to try to eat more veg but don’t know where to start, have a look at the VegPower recipes. There’s some great inspiration! 

The Peas Please Prize in the VegCities category was won by our friends at Food Cardiff.