Are you passionate about vegetables and want to do your bit to make it easier for everyone to eat more veg?  If so, then finding out about becoming a Veg Advocate might just be for you.  Food Durham, the County Durham Food Partnership and the Food Foundation are hosting an online workshop in on Thursday 1 October 2020  to explain what becoming a Veg Advocate is all about.

We know that in County Durham, and in the UK as a whole, we are not producing, advertising, selling, cooking and eating enough veg and we know this is causing ill health: 20,000 lives could be saved every year in the UK by increasing our veg consumption. We also know that there are environmental benefits to eating more veg (and less meat) such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigation.  In addition the Covid pandemic has made it very clear that the most vulnerable in society are most likely to miss out on access to fresh,m healthy veg.

Simply telling people to eat more veg doesn’t work: we are buying less veg now than we did in 2003 when the ‘five a day’ campaign was launched. Peas Please, in which the Food Foundation is a partner,  is taking a different approach by recognising that people in every part of the food system have a role to play in driving change. By working with all these people – producers, retailers, fast food providers, and citizens-  they hope to achieve the change needed. Businesses and organisations from across the food system have become Veg Pledgers and have committed to improving their veg offer, by growing more veg, making it more delicious, offering more in everyday meals, putting more veg in products and giving more prominence to it on menus and in places we shop. Over the last three years Peas Please has increased the number of veg portions sold by Pledgers by millions of portions. However, to achieve the full benefits we need billions more portions of vegetables to be sold and consumed in the UK.

As part of the Peas Please initiative, Food Durham and the Food Foundation are now looking for passionate people in the County to join 100 Veg Advocates nationwide.  Advocates will use their veg experience from a county like Durham to give advice about what’s been done and what more needs to be done to get the nation eating more veg. Advocates will have a unique opportunity to challenge the food system to do better, to support a national cause and develop experience and confidence. Specifically, the first step is to join this online workshop on Thursday 1 October between 3 and 5pm. You can see the flyer for the workshop here.

If you love veg, want to share your expertise and commitment, and act as a national advocate for veg, please book a place at the workshop by following the link HERE.