In April, the value of Healthy Start Vouchers was increased to £4.25 but many eligible families in County Durham are not claiming them.  Healthy Start Vouchers are a way of helping pregnant women and families with young children to eat a healthier diet and are worth £4.25 per week for each child. 

To help change this, the County Durham Healthy Weight Alliance set up a working group in 2020, bringing together a range of specialists and practitioners to identify ways to try and increase uptake.   

 A new flyer has been produced to spread the word and make the voucher scheme more accessible.  We know that eating a higher proportion of vegetables and fruit is healthier for people and also tends to be better for the planet, and we also want to encourage people to spend them with a local retailer if possible.   

 Many different kinds of businesses can register for Healthy Start, including grocers, milk delivery services, food co-operatives, newsagents, box schemes, market stalls and supermarkets. As long as your business sells one or more of the Healthy Start foods, you can register to take part. Go to the Healthy Start retailer website for more information.