The 2021 Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign has got underway in primary schools across County Durham encouraging kids to have fun with vegetables and defeat the veg foes by gobbling them up.  The six-week campaign started with tomatoes last week and this week the veg children have been defeating is sweetcorn.

Many of the County Durham primary schools have their school meals provided by TaylorShaw, which, with its parent company Elior, is a great supporter of the VegPower campaign. School kitchen staff across the county are going out of their way to feature the veg of the week interesting and appealing and some of them have been known to dress up in veg costumes to make meal times more interesting.  Evidence for previous years suggests that both schools and kids like it and most importantly, that it works: children are more willing to try new things and there is evidence that they’re eating more veg. You can get an idea about how it works in schools here. You can also check out what’s going on by looking for #EatThemToDefeatThem on social media.

Nationally, most people, adults or children, don’t get their recommended five portions of veg and fruit per day despite the fact that we all know about 5-a-day.  Eating more veg is good for our health and can be good for the planet too as growing and distributing veg tends to produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions that other foods.

Originally the VegPower campaign for 2021 was meant to have started in February but it was delayed because of the Covid pandemic.  The VegPower campaign is supported by a large number of UK supermarkets and other food businesses, by a series of media companies and by lots of other partners.