In the context of the end of the government’s furlough support, removal of the Universal Credit uplift and spiralling costs of living we know there will be enormous pressure on household budgets this winter and food is often one of the first things that gets squeezed. Families face an uncertain time and many community groups will continue to offer vital community support.

Durham County Council is working on how best to support communities too and recently passed a motion to create a consistent and inclusive Food Action Plan that reflects and addresses the needs of all families across County Durham. You can read that motion here.   This is an indication that Councillors and officers are all keenly aware of the importance of food and the need to try and move beyond food aid.  In this session  of the Community Good Food Network on 11 November 2021 we’ll explore what we can do together to build the resilience across our communities.

Food insecurity and poverty in general has a big influence on health outcomes, including on the severity and recovery of COVID19.

Our speakers for this session will be Mary Readman, Interim Head of Service for Transactional Services at Durham County Council who is the officer with responsibility for the Poverty Agenda; Margaret Nelson from the Trussell Trust and Vic Harper from That Bread and Butter Thing.

This is your opportunity to hear about the council’s approach to food insecurity over the coming winter, to find out more about the approach of two larger charities to moving beyond food aid,  and help shape the Food Action Plan.

We have extended this session to 1.5 hours to allow more time for discussion time if needed.  You can sign up for this session of the Community Good Food Network here.