Featuring a range of just-released, locally produced products, the new stall in the 1900s Town is the perfect one-stop shop for your Edwardian essentials. 

 From Pockerley Nettle cheese, Beamish blackberry jam and wildflower honey to Beamish dog biscuits, ploughman’s pickle and Beamish blend tea and coffee, the new products are ideal to take home as souvenirs or gifts.  

 Beamish has worked with County Durham producers including South Durham Honey, Durham Coffee, The Tea Enthusiasts, Wellybix and Weardale Cheese to create a delicious range of tempting treats that use local and responsibly sourced ingredients.  The packaging for the new items is inspired by originals in the museum’s collections and uses traditional materials wherever possible, so you really can shop like an Edwardian and take a bit of Beamish home with you.  

 Be sure to visit the stall in the 1900s Town on your next visit to the museum and support your local food producers!