The next meeting of Food Durham’s Community Good Food Network will start to explore what it might mean to move to a more climate-friendly diet.  The issue of what we eat is a pretty emotive one: we’re asked to eat a plant-based diet, or that we eat less but better meat.  We’re having to think about food miles and where our food comes from and of course we’re being encouraged not to waste any food.  On top of that we have lots of people in the County who rely on food banks and community food initiatives for all or some of their food as their household budget isn’t big enough to meet everyday expenses.  And if you’re involved in lunch clubs for older people, or providing food as part of holiday programmes for kids, you want to make sure they will actually eat what you provide.  Needless to say it’s complicated, but if we’re to meet our climate targets we do need to start a broad conversation about what we eat and encourage each other to make the necessary changes.

The next meeting of  the  Community Good Food Network, on Wednesday 12 May, aims to make to start.  It is aimed at community groups and individuals involved with food in its broadest sense and participants will hear from Emma Mould, Food Partnership Coordinator for Newcastle and from Dr Sean Beer from Bournemouth University.  There will also be plenty of time for discussion about the topic.  You can sign up for the Zoom session via the Durham Community Action website here. The meeting will start at 3pm and will run for about 1 hour.