As part of the VegPowerUK campaign #EatThemToDefeatThem pupils at Our Lady and St Joseph’s Brooms Catholic Primary School in Leadgate have been getting creative with the veg of the week as well as eating them.

The children are really enjoying the campaign and  are having great fun. Staff at the school are blown away by the fantastic effort the children are going to with their veg creations, producing some truly spectacular and imaginative entries.

The school runs a weekly Creations Competition an before half term they did a cool counter display to join in. The children tried Mexican Sweetcorn Cake and Chocolatey Sweetcorn Cookies (made by students), they tried Baby Corns and Corn on the Cob. In addition they ran a competition to ‘Guess how many Sweetcorns in the jar?’ During the week they ‘defeated’ about 6kgs of sweetcorn.

The ‘Best Effort’ prize went to a boy who’s mother told staff that he isn’t keen on crafts normally, but he has spent all week working on his entry after school, instead of playing on his Xbox.

Another great story was about the 2 boys who won the creative competition that week. They said they spent all afternoon in the garage with Dad working on it together and that it has been ages since they spent time together doing something like this.

It is fantastic that children are becoming more aware of vegetables and healthy eating but it’s extra special to hear of family time being spent doing it.