How you can be part of the Veg Cities Durham campaign

Ways to get involved in the Veg Cities Durham campaign


The Veg Cities Durham campaign depends on individuals, businesses and organisations across County Durham becoming actively involved in spreading the word about the campaign and more importantly, to commit to take action encouraging more growing, cooking and eating of vegetables.

Very few people in the UK, whether they are adults, children or teenagers, eat the recommended amount of vegetables every day. The recommended amount is 3.5 portions (in case you’d forgotten). The remaining 1.5 portion could (or perhaps should) be fruit.  It’s amazingly simple to increase veg consumption and it isn’t expensive either.

Help us by taking action in your own cooking, becoming a veg-evangelist by spreading the love for vegetables. If you run a restaurant, maybe you can help create some meals that make vegetables the star of the plate. Below there are more ways in which you can get involved in the campaign. And when you do, please record your actions and pledges on the national Veg Cities website. You can ask us to preregister you on the Veg Cities website. This will send you a link straight to your inbox.


Here’s how you can be involved…

Join the Veg Power Fun


Veg Power is a national advertising campaign celebrating the joy of vegetables. It started on 25 January 2019 and ends just before Easter. It encourages kids to ‘defeat the threat of veg’ by eating them: #EatThemtToDefeatThem. For the latest campaign information check More


Promote veg


Help share the love for veg through social media, adverts, assemblies, veg challenges or competitions


Reduce veg waste

Learn to make the most of the veg you have left-over, get involved in your local community fridge, support Re-f-Use CIC or join Durham’s annual Pumpkin Rescue

Growing, cooking and enjoying

Join or even start a community garden to grow some of your own, learn to cook some recipes where the veg is the star of the plate and share your dishes with your family and friends. Growing Durham can give you advice on developing or joining a community growing space. Watch out for The Big Dig later in year.

Improve access to fresh veg

If you sell vegetables you can register to take Healthy Start Vouchers, or ask your local shop to do so.

Restaurants and catering

Put veg centred meals on your menus, promote them or make sure you provide more veg in your current meals.